De amore

Some wisdom from redditor /u/noc_monkey:

It doesn’t matter how much you love someone, what you’re willing to do for them, what you’ve done for them in the past, or what you’ve been through together. Love is rarely equally reciprocated, and the person who cares less always has the power.

Whenever I see something put so concisely, I’m reminded how conceited I am. You see, I was clearly the first to put into (mental) words the idea that the “person who cares less always has the power”. Just like I was the first to (intrapersonally) say that hate and love are manifestations of the same emotion–apathy is the true evil. But fucking /u/noc_monkey’s ripping me off like so many banana peels.

What does actually surprise me is the high degree of shared emotions that everyone, not just me, feels. Growing up religious and being a relatively late bloomer, I was taught (and eagerly accepted) that everyone was so different from me. But every song I hear, I see myself and my ex and my life in the words.

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